Students will start their undergraduate study in September. To whom need to complete foundation courses or pre-university courses, it is March or April of the same year.

所有SPM、STPM、A-level 和 UEC 高中毕业生皆可提出申请报读 CCN 项目,其中符合直升的独中学生不需要上预科
All SPM, STPM, A-level, and UEC students with a high school diploma are eligible to apply for a CCN undergraduate programme. Please note that qualified UEC holders no need to opt for the foundation courses before degree-study.

符合以下成绩要求者可以提出申请 Applicants who fulfil the following requirements are welcome to apply:
✔ SPM:指定五科成绩平均至少为B等 Obtained at least Grade B in subjects listed below;
✔ STPM:成绩平均至少为C+等 Obtained at least Grade C+ in all subjects;
✔ A-level:指定五科成绩平均至少为C等 Obtained at least Grade C in subjects listed below;
✔ UEC:指定五科成绩不超过25积点 Obtained no more than 35 points from the subjects listed below;

五科指的是中文、英文、数学/高等数学及两门相关科目 The specified subjects refer to Chinese, English, Mathematics/Advanced Mathematics and another 2 relevant subjects.

The applicant of the IFP transfer admission guarantee programme can freely choose their major and university, BUT the major and university of the ABS programme & UEA programme are fixed.

主要材料包括 The main materials include:
✔ 奖学金申请表 Scholarship application form
✔ 白底照片 Photo with white background
✔ 高中毕业证 Graduation certificate
✔ 高中成绩单 High school transcripts
✔ 一封教师推荐信 One teacher recommendation letter
✔ 一份自我陈述 A personal statement
✔ 护照扫描件 Scan copy of passport

Yes, the interview will be held in the northern, central and southern of Malaysia. Please contact us to get an exact time for the interview.

有,CCN 为优秀生设置了不同等级的本科奖学金,奖学金待遇视成绩及录取状况而定
CCN offers scholarships of different grades for undergraduate students, depending on their academic performance and admission status.

Yes, the tuition fees are subject to the course. Please contact us for details.

马来西亚教育部于 2012 年 7 月公布承认 820 所中国大学学位。根据中华人民共和国政府和马来西亚政府签署的《关于相互承认高等教育学历和学位的协定》,持有中国承认的学士学位可以在马来西亚继续攻读硕士或博士学位。
In July 2012, Malaysia's ministry of education announced the recognition of degrees from 820 Chinese universities. According to the mutual recognition agreement signed by the government of the People's Republic of China and the government of Malaysia, holders of bachelor's degrees recognized by China can continue to pursue master's or doctor's degrees in Malaysia.